allaboutme95: Yes, i am! I love it. :D i've Been here for more than a year now and stay until June because its awesome!!! What about you?

oh wow that’s a long time! i’ve onnly been here 5 weeks lol

thenworld: you're to me what sophie turner is to maisie williams. XOXO. GOSSIP GIRL. bye.

i still don’t get this bye

allaboutme95: Thats so cool! Im German and an au pair in Philly :)

sooooo far haha are you having a good time? :)

Sounds like it’s shooting star time.

lovelymindlonelyheart replied to your post: allaboutme95 said:Just read your …

Where in England? Im from Spain and Im in Manchester studying at the moment!

hola! :) Birmingham (well, close), if I ever go to Manchester I’ll tell you ;)

allaboutme95: Just read your post... What? You are an au pair too? Wherr/from where? :D

Yes, I’m an au pair (too) :D I’m from Spain and I’m au pairing in England! Where are you au pairing?

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Kate Beckett being cute

alwayswiththecoffee: not on anon bc you are GREAT and make beautiful things and are such a nice person <3

nadia :’) /sobs/ thank you, i could literally say the same about you, thank you <333

Anonymous: i can't for the life of me remember when i started following you, it was quite a long time ago, but i am extremely glad i did and still do, i love all the posts you make, and you got me to watch castle, and you have always been one of my favourite bloggers and now you are one of my good friends, and you are SO FRIGGING GORGEOUS AND SWEET AND I LOVE YOOOU! *kiss, hug*

LEXIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I’M SOBBING DAMMIT

Work in progress II (all of us pretty much covered in pumpkin seeds) #halloween #pumpkin #aupair

Work in progress II (all of us pretty much covered in pumpkin seeds) #halloween #pumpkin #aupair

reading in head: i'm practically a master of linguistics my pronunciations are perfect beyond compare
reading aloud: *chokes on spit*

Eccleston.  Tennant.  Smith.  Capaldi.

1/4 part of me: I want to be cute and delicate and have a petite body.
1/4 part of me: I want to look smokin' hot and sexy in a bikini and have curves and a fuck you attitude
1/4 part of me: I don't even care man I can totally eat all of that cake watch me
1/4 part of me: I want to murder everyone and laugh as i bathe in their blood
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